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About ASPS 
ASPS is a sole proprietorship managed, operated and headquartered in Calexico, California, and it is a professional full service security organization since 2004. We specialize in providing real solutions to security problems that clients experience. Every member of our management staff has over 15 years of security experience. Ranging from military service, private security and or law enforcement experience. 

We at ASPS like to lead by example, this is why our managers’ & supervisors experience is so important. To effectively train & supervise staff, it is absolutely necessary to be proficient in the field of security. This in turn translates to an efficient customized service to our clients.

22 years of experience on the protection field.U.S Army & Navy Veteran, former Correctional Officer also worked for the Imperial County Fire Department & worked for GSA as a Arm security Officer
at the U.S port of entry.
"Professional and experience are our key."